About us

Offroad Addiction TV is a small team with big goals and the ability to turn dreams into reality. We live and breathe wheeling. Whether watching, filming, building rigs, fixing rigs or just out getting stuck our team loves it all, as often as we can.

Our goal is to bring the offroad world closer together, to promote quality products in the industry to our audience, to provide safe tips to ensure everyone makes it home in one piece, to make sure we feed the addiction for the ones who are there and the ones who couldn’t be.

We have been privileged enough to film some amazing content from some spectacular locations such as Hawaii, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and of course our own paradise, New Zealand.

If we had to describe the team with several words; honesty, integrity, determination, passion and genuine would be the words used. We pride ourselves on our values, and want to use these values to see the world of offroad explode!