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90mm Biohazard Gusset

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Sick of spending time cutting up old scrap metal to make some gussets? Save yourself some time for doing other jobs with our range of gussets!

These gussets are made from 6mm mild steel and laser cut for precision and ease of use.

Quickly add strength to your bar work, frames, and mounts with our gussets, or just keep a couple on the shelf for those late Saturday nights working on your rigs when you are trying to keep the noise down and get the job done!

Dimensions: 90mm x 90mm
Material: 6mm mild steel
Design: Biohazard

*price is per gusset

**Due to the current volatile market prices on materials there may be price increases to reflect the current market, we will do our best to keep all our products at the best price we can to help you get those jobs done!