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Offroad Addiction

Epic Coffee Drip Filter Sample Pack

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Not sure if Epic Drip Coffee is right for you?

Grab a sample pack and see what all the fuss is about before committing to the full 10-pack.

Pack contains:

  • 1x Overland Roast Drip Filter
  • 1x Off Road Roast Drip Filter
  • 1x Summit Roast Drip Filter
  • 1x Expedition Roast Drip Filter
  • Stickers


Overland Roast

  • Flavour Notes: Chocolate & Brown Sugar
  • Origin: Kenya AA Single Origin
  • Roast Profile: Light - Medium

Off Road Roast

  • Flavour Notes: Bitter Sweet Chocolate, Dark Caramel
  • Origin: Brazil Ouro Fino Single Origin
  • Roast Profile: Medium

Summit Roast

  • Flavour Notes: Floral & Caramel
  • Origin: Colombia Single Origin
  • Roast Profile: Light - Medium

Expedition Roast

  • Flavour Notes: Bitter Sweet Chocolate & Dark Caramel
  • Origin: Brazil Ouro Fino Single Origin
  • Roast Profile: Dark