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1/2" Power Bar Mount

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Ever had a wheel come loose on a trip, or a panhard bolt that requires some torque and all you had was a small socket set?

With our Power Bar Mount, you can now have a power bar permanently mounted to your bar work - simply weld the tabs on, click the 1/2” power bar into place, swing the top piece over, put the pin in and you're set!

These power bar mounts are made from 6mm mild steel and laser cut for precision and ease of use.

Designed to suit a 16mm Powerbuilt Style Power Bar. If your power bar is smaller you can simply wrap some tape or a piece of hose around it to suit.

Ready to go for common sizes such as 38mm rollcage tube, 44mm rollcage tube and 50mm pipe.

    Kit includes:

    • x1 M6 Stainless Button Head Cap Screw
    • x1 M6 Stainless Locknut
    • x2 Stainless Washers
    • x1 1/4" Lynch Pin

    Sizes available:

    • 38mm
    • 44mm
    • 50mm


    *Power Bar not included

    **Due to the current volatile market prices on materials there may be price increases to reflect the current market, we will do our best to keep all our products at the best price we can to help you get those jobs done!