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Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Mount - Stainless Steel

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You can never have too many extinguishers ready to go in an emergency, grab yourself one of these DIY flat-packed Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Mounts.

These can be welded straight to the vehicle or attached using hose clamps around your roll cage, bolted to the deck/drawers, or anywhere else you can make it work!

Made in NZ from 3mm Mild Steel, featuring easy-to-assemble tabs and slots to get fitment right.

Designed for a 10mm Bolt and Nut at one end and a 6mm pull-pin at the other the small hole in the middle is an allowance for a tie wire so you never lose the pin. Once assembled, pull the pin, and the extinguisher is free and ready to go.

The product is supplied flat-pack without fasteners.


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