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Rampt Customs Toyota 80/105 Landcruiser Knuckle Gussets

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The Rampt Customs Knuckle Gusset kits are a little different from others. Instead of some chunky 10-12mm plate welded to the bottom of the knuckleball, this kit is designed to give maximum support for the axle housing.

The two-piece lower plates are welded together to form a triangle or V shape on the bottom side of the knuckles and axle housing. This offers far more bracing support than conventional gussets, with the added bonus of being more skid-like and less of a hang-up point. Lower plates join onto the radius arm mounts.

Why do I need these gussets?

Standard housings are subject to bending when being pushed hard, raced, or jumped. Very rarely will you bend the knuckleball itself, but the area that the ball joins to the axle tube will. This kit helps keep everything straight and true if you like to play a little too hard, or just want that peace of mind.

Kit includes:

  • x2 6mm upper plates
  • x2 6mm drivers side lower plates
  • x2 6mm passenger lower plates


  • If using this kit in conjunction with aftermarket radius arms, the inside edges of the plates will need to be trimmed to suit.
  • Be ready to change your inner axle seals after installing this kit. Due to the heat from welding, your seals will be destroyed and will require replacement.


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