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Rampt Customs Toyota 80/105 Landcruiser Race Steering Arm Gussets

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Steering arm gussets are for competition vehicles - OFFROAD USE ONLY

A common failure point with bigger rubber and hard competition driving is where the steering arm bolts to the knuckle. The bolts are known for stretching, coming loose, and/or shearing off - even with aftermarket high-grade bolts.

These gussets join the arm to the housing permanently, virtually eliminating the load on these bolts.

The knuckle can still be removed from the housing with the arm attached, just remove the top kingpin, and the bolts and knuckle easily comes off.

Whilst the knuckle is off you can clearly see, access, and change the lower kingpin bearings.

Kit includes:

  • x1 6mm P/S Rear Gusset
  • x1 6mm P/S Front Gusset
  • x1 6mm D/S Rear Gusset


  • The factory knuckles and arms are cast steel. For welding, they need to be pre-heated and slow-cooled to avoid cracking or failure.


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