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Rampt Customs Toyota 80/105 Landcruiser Rear Panhard Riser

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This bolt-on bracket is designed for the 80\105 Landcruiser rear Panhard mount.

Bolts to the original mount on the rear diff housing, and the passenger side upper control arm mount. No cutting, grinding, drilling, or welding is required - 100% bolt-on!

This bracket is designed to have two new mounting locations for your Panhard.

  • The first is 3" higher and 1" longer. This hole accepts the factory Toyota Panhard bush. The vehicle MUST be using an aftermarket adjustable Panhard for diff to be centered, Factory Panhard is too short due to the new mounting location being an inch further across.
  • The second hole is 3" higher and 4" longer. This mounting position is to be used with an extended 7075 alloy bush/Heim Panhard or similar - not currently available in NZ.

You'll notice the benefits of this riser bracket immediately!

On-road manners are drastically improved, smoother, more stable, and predictable. Body roll is greatly reduced making the car much more comfortable to drive.

One of the main improvements will be over-speed humps, bumps, or rough roads. The rear diff will travel with much less lateral (side-to-side) movement. This is because the Panhard is starting from a more level position. Less lateral movement through suspension travel means the rear end will stay firm and straight, drastically reducing that "rear end wiggle" you can feel from lifted vehicles.

Off-road driving is massively improved from the raised roll centre. This will change how the rear end performs through cycle and how the sprung weight will react to gravity and torque. In simpler terms, the vehicle will feel more stable and predictable, and see less body roll/unloading on side angles because gravity has less leverage over your car!



-The bracket will suit & work on all lift heights. However, you will see the best results at a maximum of 3-4" lift. The suspension geometry is the happiest at this height and is the optimal lift we suggest to run in your vehicle. 

Vehicles MUST be running a minimum of 70mm outer bump stop extensions.(The bump stops under the chassis rail)

This will keep the bracket from making contact with the chassis at full bump (max up travel on both sides) Most vehicles will never see this position unless being jumped. We offer the Minimum bump stop extensions required or DIY bump kits for finer tuning that can be purchased with the bracket or at any time.

It is your responsibility to check clearance with your particular setup.



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