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Upper Link Mount

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Equally as important as the lower link mount is the upper link mount, we have designed a straight and an angled option to suit your needs. The straight option will be more suited to a 3 link to sneak the link down the chassis rail and the angled will be more suited to doing a triangulated 4 link setup.

These have been created with adjustment in mind, different drivers / rigs / terrain sometimes call for different suspension geometry so we have made it so you can adjust your anti squat / anti dive to suit your application!

We have designed these as a flat pack DIY option, super simple and accurate with the tab and slot design.

Laser cut from 6mm Mild steel for precision and ease of use, these link mounts have been designed to fit the big 1.25” heims if you are building your rig to be beaten on, otherwise throw a 3mm washer on each size and you can run factory Toyota 80 series / Nissan Patrol trailing arm bushes if you are building to a budget.

All of our OA products are designed by us and manufactured in New Zealand!


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